Tips To Handle Vape Mod Batteries Safely

Vape batteries are powerful cells, which need careful handling. They are nothing like your remote control batteries. Beginners to the vaping scene need to understand the safe way to handle their vape mod, especially the ones that operate on 18650’s or 20700 batteries.

Tips To Handle Vape Mod Batteries Safely

Keep the wraps together

Ensure that the battery wraps are always in their original condition. In case, you see a chip on the wrap, re-wrap it. If there are no wraps, then you can buy it at Just CBD vape shop. It is cheap and you can wrap it easily. Just CBD is an online vape store, where you can look for premium CBD vape pen cartridgeThey sell products that have lab reports including the details of ingredients and potency level.

They sell products that have lab reports including the details of ingredients and potency level.

Use the right batteries

Batteries differ, so choose one according to your style. Check the specs because some are good for sub-ohming, while a few are great for low-wattage and some must never be used for vaping. The ratings printed on the wraps can be misleading, so be careful!

Use battery case

Battery cases help to carry your cells safely when they are not in use. It is risky to carry unprotected batteries in your pocket r bag. They may interact with some metal object that can make it vent and possibly explode. The battery cases are available in different designs and materials you can check them on the e-vape shop.

Avoid fake batteries

Brands like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic are commonly forged due to its high price tag. Therefore, always look for reliable suppliers to buy genuine batteries.

Use battery charger 

Today, you can recharge the batteries directly in the mod, but it is safe to use a battery charger. It is cheap and with a little more price you can add extra features like health and battery data monitoring.

Never leave batteries charging unattended

It is not wise to leave the batteries charging overnight or unattended. A battery charger is an electronic device, which can fail. When you are not present, place the batteries in a battery case.

Complete battery drain is bad

Batteries made from lithium-ion manage to lose their capacity if you allow them to discharge completely. You get mods with a battery level indicator. Charging them before they get full-drained will extend their life.

Avoid using extreme temperature

The vape batteries are designed to handle high and low temperatures. However, high temperature can add strain. This makes them age or vent quickly, while the cold temperature can be taxing to its capacity. Store them in cool areas. Never leave them in the car, where temperature can exceed. People living in extreme temperature zones need to carry their batteries and vape mod in a tiny insulated lunch cooler.

Replace old batteries

Over time, the lithium-ion batteries start to lose their strength and capacity. You will feel that your battery gets discharge faster than before, which indicates it is time for a replacement. It is recommended to change batteries within a year, even if you use the device occasionally.

Recycle the old batteries

Instead of throwing old batteries in the dustbin, recycle them. It is risky to dump them because the cell can short-circuit with ease. Recycling batteries is great for the environment!